Shooting School: Lesson I Correct Instruction + Focus + Determination= Great Shooters!
Shooting School: Lesson ICorrect Instruction +Focus + Determination=Great Shooters!

Shooting School - New England's Only Basketball Instruction Dedicated Solely to the Art of Shooting!

Shooting the Basketball is the most difficult skill to teach in the sport, yet so little time is spent with correct instruction.  Coach Holmes System to teaching Shooting has met with great success and incorporates Noah Shooting Anaylsis, Video Analysis and Shooting Report Cards.  See the Tabs above for more information. Please call Lenny +1 207 749-9492 or email for more information.




“I’m completely amazed with the lack of good shooting instruction.  I’ll do a clinic with 35 or more middle school and high school players, boys and girls, and there will be only four or five who have had formal shooting lessons.  Shooting is the single most important part of the game in deciding who wins and who loses. Where is the justice?? “  Teaching Shooting is hard work and few understand it, I am 100% convinced that every player has the opportunity to be a Great Shooter, however, the first step is CORRECT INSTRUCTION! 




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Maine Basketball Academy 

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Travel Sessions Available Please see Clinic Infor Tab for Upcoming Clinic Information.

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