Shooting School: Lesson I Correct Instruction + Focus + Determination= Great Shooters!
Shooting School: Lesson ICorrect Instruction +Focus + Determination=Great Shooters!

Noah Shooting System

The Noah Shooting system is an essential piece to all participants in Shooting School.  The Noah System is used by hundreds of Division I Schools and Professional teams throughout the United States and the world. 

The Noah system tracks and graphs each individual shot in order to give exact feedback to shooters and allow them to attain the proper “arc” on their shot.  For years Shooting Coaches knew how important the correct Arc on a shot is, they just didn’t have a way to give exact feedback to players. 


All players involved in Shooting School will use the Noah Shooting System to help define and improve shooters as they move along their path to becoming more accurate shooters.  

Now with the scientific advancements of Noah, coaches no longer have to guess what it is.  The 45 Degree Arc is the ideal angle for a shooter and the immediate feedback of Noah is essential to building great shooters.


A good portion of time is spent teaching shooters to identify their own arc and learning how to correct, so increased performance will occur whether Noah is in use or they are on their own.  


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